Clark Family Legacy Project

Project Overview

  • Discover the fascinating history of the Clark family and their legacy through an exciting new project initiated by the Jeremiah Clark Chapter SAR with support from Bright Branches.

  • With the goal of enlightening Clark descendants who may be unaware of their family's heritage, the chapter is currently constructing a family lineage using modern genealogy research tools.

  • We are using the power of social media to locate and reach out to as many living descendants as possible and sharing their family's historical background with them.
  • Access the Clark family tree, hosted right here on the Jeremiah Clark Chapter website, and explore the rich history of this remarkable family. Click on the link below to view the family tree.

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Clark Family History

  • Jeremiah Clark was born in Preston, Connecticut on November 3, 1760. On March 2, 1778, he and his father enlisted in the Revolutionary War and served under Captain Bigelow Lawrence until their discharge on May 2, 1778. Following the war, Jeremiah ventured westward and settled in Bath, New York, where he constructed one of the earliest houses. He eventually moved to Nelson, New York, where he lived for some time.
  • Around 1831 his son, Jeremiah Clark Jr moved to Detroit, Michigan. A year later he established a homestead in Independence Township.
  • In 1836 Jeremiah Clark and his son, Nelson Washington Clark moved to Independence Township to join Jeremiah Clark Jr.
  • In 1839 Nelson Washington Clark built a home that still resides at 71 N Main Street in Clarkston, Michigan.

  • In 1842 the village of Clarkston was organized and named.

  • Jeremiah Clark passed away in 1845 at the age of 84 years old.

  • Jeremiah Clark and his spouse, Sarah Millington, had a total of 14 children. While some of their children remained in New York, others relocated and joined the family in Michigan.

  • Jeremiah Clark's descendants have spread across the United States and are now located in various regions of the country.

Clarkston, Michigan

  • The first land purchases were by earlier settlers which include Butler Holcomb, John and Thomas Beardslee, and Melvin Dorr.
  • Jeremiah Clark Jr and Nelson Washington Clark did the most to improve the township by building many establishments: sawmill, gristmill, fish hatchery, general store, planted first apple trees, acted as postmasters and were active in local politics. They also platted the village in 1840.
  • The early settlers decided to name the town after the Clark family.

  • More information can be found on the Clarkston History website.

The Research

  • The Clark family tree is actively being explored and updated regularly on the website.

  • Browse through a wealth of information on each descendant, with all sources gathered during the research available for viewing in their respective profiles.

  • For privacy reasons, information on living descendants is kept hidden from public view, ensuring their confidentiality and safety.

  • Below are up-to-date statistics about the descendants, including the number of living descendants, those that served in the military, and the brave individuals who lost their lives fighting for our country.

  • Eligible descendants can continue the legacy of their ancestors by joining the Sons or Daughters of the American Revolution, and those who think they are descendants but are not listed on the site are encouraged to get in touch with the team.
  • Jeremiah Clark and 51 of his descendants are buried in Lakeview Cemetery located in Clarkston, Michigan.


Total Descendants



Living Descendants



Military Descendants



Died While Serving

In Memory of Descendants That Died While Serving

  • US Army

    David Paul Barrett

    November 10, 1921 - November 24, 1944 US Army - Lieutenant World War II - 406th Infantry, 102nd Division
  • US Army Air Force

    Rex Selden Brown

    April 20, 1921 - May 5, 1945 US Army Air Force - 1st Lieutenant World War II - Air Transport Command
  • US Army Air Force

    William Bruce Lyon

    December 4, 1921 - February 16, 1945 US Army Air Force - 2nd Lieutenant World War II - 783rd Bomber Squadron, 465th Bomber Group
  • US Army

    Bobby Frank McCrorey Jr

    April 24, 1923 - May 25, 1942 US Army - Private 1st Class World War II - Died non-battle - Finance detachment
  • US Army

    Richard Lewis Pierce

    January 21, 1912 - June 4, 1945 US Army - Sergeant World War II - 121st Infantry, 8th Division
  • US Navy Reserve

    James Allen Rutledge

    December 25, 1918 - August 5, 1943 US Navy Reserve - Ensign World War II - Lost at sea - Divebomber pilot
  • US Army Air Force

    Donald Allen Streeter

    December 20, 1918 - December 28, 1948 US Army Air Force - 1st Lieutenant Died on active duty while on a routine navigational flight
  • US Navy Reserve

    John Elnathan Terhorst

    December 22, 1923 - July 30, 1945 US Navy Reserve - Ensign World War II - Fighter pilot
  • US Army Air Force

    Donald Elliott Westbrook

    August 28, 1926 - March 13, 1968 US Army Air Force - Colonel Vietnam War - Plane shot down and declared MIA - Remains identified 2007