Genealogy Workshops

  • The Jeremiah Clark Chapter SAR hosts genealogy workshops along with other DAR / SAR chapters. These events allow people to come together to learn about and explore their family history. These workshops are led by professional genealogists or experienced family historians, and may include presentations, discussions, and hands-on activities aimed at helping participants trace their ancestry and build their family trees.
  • During our genealogy workshops, participants may learn how to use online research tools, explore historical records and archives, connect with other researchers and family members, and navigate the challenges and nuances of genealogical research. They may also have the opportunity to share their own research and experiences with others, and receive guidance and feedback from experts in the field.
  • Our workshops will also include guidance on how to properly complete your application for registering with the Sons of the American Revolution.
  • Overall, genealogy workshops provide a supportive and educational environment for individuals interested in discovering more about their family history, and can be a great way to connect with others who share this passion.

Keep an eye on our event calendar for future genealogy workshops.